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Dubbing is our true passion! Whether it is documentaries, TV films, series or cinema films, Soundbar Media Group offers the best technology currently available and, most importantly, it works with people who care about a perfect Italian version with the best voices and a perfect adaptation.

Multi-language Projects

Thanks to our contacts with international studios located in different countries around the world, we are able to offer our customers dubbing services in a wide range of language combinations at the highest quality level guaranteed by strict quality control and internal mixing.


In our studios, all projects are supervised by professionals who know perfectly well how to ensure that the Italian version has exactly the same sound and arouses the same emotions as those envisaged by the director, using state-of-the-art mixing consoles (Atmos and 5.1) and rooms specifically designed for this purpose.

Accessibility Services

Soundbar Media Group is sensitive to the needs of the audience and is proud to be able to provide services that allow everybody to enjoy all the content through our subtitling service for the deaf and our audio description service.

ADR/Live Audio Recording Integration

A business unit specifically assigned to Italian productions and to the integration and editing of live audio recording using specific workflows and microphones and carried out by highly qualified staff experienced in this sector.

Video Editing and Graphics

Soundbar Media Group has a division that deals with the localisation of graphics (including the creation of 3D titles or titles made with computer graphics) as well as any video editing that the customer deems necessary.